Ignite Travel Group (ITG) have cemented their position as the leading innovators of travel receiving notable recognition in the 2018 IBISWorld “Top 25 Fastest Growing Private Companies in Australia”. After a milestone year which has seen the trailblazing group establish a string of revolutionary partnerships, ITG has been recognised as Australia’s fastest growing travel company, ranking #14 across all industries in Australia.

A testament to the company’s ability to drive an unbeatable distribution network, Ignite deliver unrivalled scale and influence within the travel, tourism and wider business industries, experiencing an impressive annual growth rate of 46% in FY18. The company now employs 187 staff, driving considerable investment in the local market.

ITG’s unique approach to travel marketing generates more exposure for a steadily increasing list of partners than any other travel operator in Australia. The innovative leisure business disrupts traditional travel models by presenting exclusively curated holiday experiences to the Australian market, amplified through strategic partnerships and expertly crafted through both an intimate knowledge of the travel landscape and successfully identifying customers unsatisfied needs.

ITG’s Founder and Managing Director Randall Deer said these awards highlight the company’s unwavering ability to stay ahead of the game and maintain an innovative edge in the travel industry.

“We can proudly say that over the last 13 years we have developed a track record of establishing a solid presence amongst our suppliers and strategic partners, whilst delivering exceptionally curated packages to a widely spread selection of customers.” Mr Deer said.

“With a staggering 35% repeat customer rate, our unprecedented level of innovative, strategic and unique distribution enables us to explore avenues not available to other travel operators. We take our tourism partners places they can’t go on their own and we consistently deliver customers an experience and value they can’t get anywhere else. My Fiji destination turns 10 this year and it’s amazing to see just how far our very first brand has since its launch.”

Ignite works closely with its network of corporate and tourism partners to grow supplier channels and power exclusively curated holiday packages to the most popular destinations around the globe. With 1.1+ million room nights sold to its preferred partners and over 600,000 Australians sent on holiday’s so far, ITG have established themselves as empowering industry leaders with the ability to deliver exclusive deals in a way that everybody wins.

IBISWorld Founder Phil Ruthven reported that the nation’s largest private companies represent a significant group in Australia’s business landscape. With IBISWorld providing strategic insight analysis to leading financial advisors and industry partners from all sectors, the significant recognition in these accolades puts Ignite at the forefront of innovative business practice and travel solutions.

About Ignite Travel Group – Ignite Travel Group has evolved from a patented travel-based rewards and promotions business to an awarded multi-channelled travel marketing corporation. Parent to RewardsCorp, My Holiday Centre and Holiday Exclusives, ITG currently employs 187 staff and is one of the largest private corporations on the Gold Coast. In June 2018 ITG was recognised as Australia’s second largest travel advertiser for its June 2017 to May 2018 media spend worth $48 million. Throughout 2018 ITG has signed revolutionary partnerships with 7travel, Flybuys Travel and RACQ, massively expanding its distribution network which sits in addition to a long-term exclusive partnership with Flight Centre Travel Group.

ENDS – For interview requests with Randall Deer, Founder and Managing Director of Ignite Travel Group, or for further information please contact Rachael Walker, Marketing Manager at Ignite Travel Group, by phone on (07) 5555 8888 or email rachael.walker@ignitetravel.com