Randall Deer – Industry Leaders (11th August 2018)

Ignite Travel Group’s (TG) Founder and Managing Director Randall Deer sat down one-on-one with Industry Leaders’ Janine Allis to discuss the trailblazing journey of launching Ignite and the company’s continued success at the forefront of the Australian travel industry.

Airing Saturday 11 August 2018 on Network Ten’s Channel One, the segment highlighted both Randall and the wider Ignite team’s passion and drive to creating unforgettable holiday experiences for customers and providing innovative travel solutions for travel partners across the globe.

With 5 new brands launched in 2018 alone, Ignite proudly participated in this segment to showcase the positive influence that innovative business practice has on the growing industries of Australia, highlighting a remarkable journey that has paved the way for Ignite Travel Group’s success.