Engage clients with your brand long term. Generate more leads, revenue and yield. Enhance your customer’s experience.

A leading marketing services company providing unique and patented travel-based sales promotions to our clients. We target major national and international brands to deliver exclusive and tailored programs utilising desirable travel and leisure rewards – rewards that offer immediate gratification, are high value to the recipient and commercially efficient to the promoter.

Our unique and patented rewards currency business model leverages exclusive supplier arrangements with leading partners in the tourism and leisure industry to deliver attractive and effective rewards. These exclusive supplier arrangements enable us to provide clients with programs that offer high value – low cost travel and leisure premiums and rewards that represent genuine value and immediate gratification to the recipient – the target audience!

Importantly, unlike many other rewards programs, RewardsCorp solutions are prefaced on redemption not ‘breakage’ – ensuring maximum recipient value and satisfaction as well as volume business for our tourism partners. Additionally, this unique ‘redemption model’ ensures that the cost of the reward is quarantined to the point of issue with no future liability or cost to our clients on recipient redemption.

Key benefits of participation
  • Generate more leads
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Achieve long-term customer brand engagement
  • Obtain more market share
  • More customer and channel loyalty
  • Achieve more incremental revenue and profitability
  • Low cost to the promoter and high value to the recipient
  • Cost-effectively reward and motivate personnel

LJ Hooker

“I can’t remember a better result from any campaign.”

Matthew Herbert – LJ Hooker, President of LJ Hooker Franchise Owners Council


“We’ve run Holiday rewards campaign for years, the staff love the promotion and it delivers strong results.”

Todd Avery – Integrated Marketing Manager – Beaurepaires


“We loved this! Holiday Rewards gave us a real differentiator in a time when it was very hard to get traction…”

Dawid Falck – Vodafone, Vodafone State General Manager Qld and NT

RewardsCorp Clients